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If only Excel worked like this…

Excel is convenient to use, but data can get messy in collaborative work.
If only I could share data with my colleagues online with proper access rights set for every single worksheet... How amazing would that be?

Upgrade your Excel worksheets to database
with this magic tool!

Meet Ragic— A powerful tool with which you can build database applications from Excel files. It supports online data sharing and access control, too!

What is Ragic?

Ragic is an easy to use and powerful online database builder with an Excel-like interface. Main features include:
Import your Excel file easily!

How should I get started?

Import your Excel files to Ragic by following the steps in this import guide.

Easily update the available data

Need to update some field values to the saved data? No problem!
Just select “renew data” option in the import policy.

Export your Excel files anytime you like

Give it a try!

Visit www.ragic.com and get started for FREE!
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